Edge Cloud Onboarding

Welcome to Edge Cloud onboarding! We’re excited you have you as a member of the Ortho2 family. Below you can find the Getting Ready Guides and videos to help you get prepared for Edge Cloud and Edge Cloud modules.

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Preparing for Edge Cloud Checklist

Return these forms to denise@ortho2.com. We can ship your software to you once these forms have been filled out.

1) Edge Cloud Software Agreement – You received this document in your welcome email. Please review, sign, and return the agreement. All pages of the agreement must be returned after signing.

2) Payment Preference Form – You received this document in your welcome email. Please fill it out and return it. If you need a new copy you can access the Edge Cloud Subscription, Edge Cloud Software Purchase or Edge Cloud Software Purchase (Finance Plan) form online.

3) Business Associate Agreement – If you are a HIPAA "covered entity", sign and return a copy of this form. This is only applicable to customers in the United States. All pages of the agreement must be returned after signing.

4) Integrated Product Questionnaire – Please complete this online form to inform us of your third party integrations. The form will be emailed to us, as well as to yourself when you hit submit.

5) Invisalign Addendum – If you plan to use Ortho2's free integration with Invisalign ClinCheck, sign and return the amendment to us. Invisalign requires that we collect this addendum prior to enabling the integration in your software. If you don't plan to use this integration, you do not have to return this form.

Prepare for your training and data/image conversion.

6) Schedule Your Training – Discuss your training and timeframe preferences with the Implementation Team. They will help you get the training scheduled that is appropriate to your needs.

Note: An in-office and/or remote training is absolutely required for you to fully benefit from Edge Cloud. Our Implementation Team and toll-free support services are designed to assist during the setup and after-training daily use of Edge Cloud. They cannot replace an initial training. After you complete training, our Equipment and Software Support Teams will be here to help you from 7:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M. Central Time at 800.346.4504.

7) Prepare for Your Data Conversion – Discuss your data conversion options with an Implementation Team Specialist. This will assure that your converted data is ready when you are.

8) Prepare for Your Image Conversion – If you will be converting images from a 3rd party system, please review our Image Conversion Expectations.

Review Documentation and Order Necessary Forms

9) Edge Cloud Credit Card Providers – Review the electronic insurance and credit card processors compatible with Edge Cloud.

10) Edge Mobile Quick Start Guide – Review how to use this mobile version of Edge Cloud.

11) Edge Portal Personal Quick Start Guide – Edge Portal Personal is an online resource which is included with Edge Cloud. It gives your office real-time access to vital practice information and images from any tablet or smartphone. You can quickly and easily access treatment chart data, reports, and your schedule from any location.

Edge Portal Premium includes the above features, and extends these to your patients, responsible parties, and professionals. If you purchased Edge Portal Premium, review the Edge Portal Premium Quick Start Guide.

12) Order Patient Forms – If you wish to use any pre-printed patient forms, consult the Getting Ready Guide. If in doubt, the Implementation Team can assist you with this step. Please order forms 3-4 weeks before you need them.

Note: If you currently use QRG for your statements in ViewPoint and intend to do the same with Edge Cloud, you must contact QRG and let them know you are switching to Edge Cloud. It can take QRG 30 days or longer to get your statements set up to work with Edge Cloud.

13) Ortho2 Online Account Access – With Ortho2's online account access you can view and pay your Ortho2 financial transactions online!